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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


What is PROPEL?

PROPEL is a lightweight, dissolvable stent placed after surgery to keep the sinus open while delivering anti-inflammatory medicine. It’s been proven to reduce scarring – and the need for oral steroids.


Is it a drug?

PROPEL is a medical device that supplies medication directly to the sinus.


How does it improve my sinus surgery outcome?

PROPEL uses a unique 2-in-1 mechanism to keep the sinus open following surgery while it provides medication directly to the sinus tissue, promoting healing. It has been proven to reduce the need for additional medical treatment (surgery and/or oral steroids).


Is PROPEL safe?

PROPEL’s safety and effectiveness is backed by the highest level of evidence. Over 400,000 people have been treated with PROPEL. Please see important safety information at the bottom of the page.


Will I feel PROPEL in my sinus?

PROPEL is lightweight and usually can’t be felt once in place.


What should I do after the procedure?

Always follow your doctor’s instructions. Frequent saline rinses are important for healing after your surgery.


Is PROPEL covered by insurance?

While in many cases, PROPEL is eligible for reimbursement, you’ll want to check with your health insurance provider to verify coverage.

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