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The PROPEL family of sinus implants reduced the need for post-operative intervention vs a non-drug implant. For example, PROPEL Contour reduced the need for postoperative interventions by 65% vs surgery alone, at 30 days following frontal sinus surgery.1

If you’re planning to have sinus surgery to treat your chronic sinusitis, you may not get the relief you’d hoped for. Nearly 1 in 6 patients will need additional surgery. Fortunately, the innovative technology of the PROPEL family of stents is here to provide help.

Ask your ENT doctor if PROPEL is right for you.

Please see important safety information at the bottom of the page.

With chronic sinusitis, you could experience:

of patients report depression

Because symptoms so closely resemble those of seasonal allergies or a cold
you may misdiagnose yourself
and neglect to seek treatment.

Chronic sinusitis impacts much more than your physical well-being. Around 25% of patients report depression, as well as increased body pain and impaired social functioning, compared with patients who have other chronic health conditions. Your quality of life may suffer – which is why speaking to an ENT specialist about your treatment options is so important.

Symptoms of chronic sinusitis facial pressure congestion headache nasal discharge loss of smell
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PROPEL optimizes sinus surgery procedures.

PROPEL is a bioabsorbable stent placed following sinus surgery to keep the sinus open using a spring-like mechanism. The stent delivers steroid medication to the sinus tissue for up to 30 days. Over time, it dissolves on its own, so removal isn’t required, but the doctor can remove it at any time. PROPEL has been proven to reduce inflammation/edema and the need for oral steroids. In clinical studies, patients using PROPEL needed less post-surgery intervention at 30 days compared with patients not using PROPEL.2

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Han JK et al. Effect of steroid-releasing sinus implants on postoperative medical and surgical interventions: an efficacy meta-analysis. Int Forum Allergy Rhinol. 2012;2(4): 271-279. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/22550039/

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